Getting help when you need it

First Time Fix - Rapid resolution of issues for our customers and partners is one of our key goals. Our support teams are available to you around the clock to answer your questions and resolve problems with your cloud services. We aim to resolve 96% of our customers' issues with our initial response. Please call 1300 932 248 or send us an email for 24x7 support, 365 days a year.

The personal touch to Support

As an AR customer, one of our support teams will be assigned to take care of your services, and the same small group of skilled engineers will handle all of your contact with us. No impersonal call centres, no outsourced support. By supporting you ourselves, we can build a better understanding of your business requirements, effectively becoming part of your team.

Our support team

We recognise the importance of reliable customer support to your business. Our support teams operate around the clock, and our highly skilled engineers will handle all of your questions and problems. Our three-level support model focuses on delivering continuity of service, combining market-leading support technologies and resources to expedite the resolution of support calls.