AR Internet Connectivity plans are delivered using the optimal combination of copper and fibre-optic mediums or microwave wireless if your location is not serviced by the landline network. The availability and total price of the service will depend on a number of factors including your distance from the local point of presence and the availability of spare capacity within this POP.

The prices below are per month and exclusive of GST.

Speed Monthly Price Wireless Price Traffic to Datacentre Internet Traffic
4Mb/4Mb $540 $640 Unlimited 100GB
10Mb/10Mb $675 $1600 Unlimited 200GB
20Mb/20Mb $950 $3200 Unlimited 200GB
40Mb/40Mb $2100 $6000 Unlimited 200GB
100Mb/100Mb $3500 POA Unlimited 200GB